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Orbit Outlaws is a single & multiplayer competitive shooter where you'll use physics to pull off impossible shots. Customize crazy tanks and upgrade your loadout as you progress againts rivals pilots.

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Oki is a noble warrior, strong of heart and body. Valuing balance above all else, his Nova Shield ability first protects him from damage, before exploding in a damaging shockwave.

The fearless leader of the Renegades, Kistal protects her people with ruthless efficiency. Her cold heart is matched only by the freezing chill of her Frost Nova, which traps her prey like a fly in a spiderweb.

A crackshot with a rifle, Sentinel Aja Moore defends the border of Loyalist space. His Missile Barrage ability can hunt down multiple enemies at a time, wherever they may hide.

The Elder is the embodiment of wisdom, patience and cunning. This ancient strategist deploys Sentry Turrets to control his enemy's movements, keeping them right where he wants them.

Hotheaded pilot Jet is always looking for a fight. Fortunately his Tactical Nuke ability is able to end most battles as quickly as he starts them.

Lysten is a swift and merciless predator. Using his Electric Storm ability, he prefers to get in close to tear his opponent to shreds.